RUF at Georgia Southern – Fall 2019 Semester 

This semester of RUF at Georgia Southern has been absolutely beautiful. To put it in a sentence, we have watched as God has worked in the lives’ of students and blessed RUF deeply despite the weakness of not having a campus minister. Our three main points of outreach are Large Group, small groups, and one-on-one’s. Large Group has been well-attended (averaging in the 60’s and 70’s) as we have studied the book of Psalms. We’ve had four guest pastors come to teach in a rotation throughout the semester: RUF GA/NC Area Coordinator Justin Clement, FPC Pooler Pastor John Fender, GIPC Pastor Alex Brown, and IPC Assistant Minister Evan Gear. They have done a fantastic job of connecting with our students as they have taught from many different Psalms of praise and lament. Five small groups have met over the course of the semester, covering various topics including: prayer, Hebrews, Acts, the works of C.S. Lewis, and the gospel. Each group is led by students or a combination of students and RUF staff. Overall, around 20-30 students attend at least one of these small groups. One-on-one ministry is a special part of RUF where students and staff set up intentional meetings to deepen relationships with one another, build trust, and learn about what God is doing in each others’ lives. Staff meets with many students each week, and this semester, we have seen student leaders take a lot of initiative in this area as well. It has been exciting to see God working in their hearts to help them grow in hospitality and pursuit of loving one another well. Aside from these three main avenues that RUF uses to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve, there have been many other events and activities RUF has participated in. For service and missions, RUF has partnered with People Helping People, a group of volunteers who provides food and clothing as well as a short bible study for underprivileged/homeless children in the Savannah area. RUF also plans and participates in many social events, from intramural sports on campus to planning holiday parties for students. Throughout this semester, God has so clearly been at work in the lives of our students and is so faithful in drawing them to himself.

Tucker Chandler