Nursery Workers Needed!

We have a new nursery coordinator for 2018:  Sharon Neal.  The deacons are grateful for her willingness to assist our congregation.

We wish the Strickland family the best as they move to Texas; we offer a heartfelt thank you to Candace for the hours she has put in over the last few years keeping our nurseries staffed and making sure our youngest covenant children were well cared for.

We have several vacancies on our nursery teams that have developed over the last few months.  We also have had a number of births this past year; so, we have need of additional workers for each team- a good problem to have!

There are ten teams of workers for the infant and toddler nurseries.  This means that a nursery team is only scheduled for 5 or 6 sessions per year.  That is not an inordinate commitment we are asking.

Some of you may not have considered the benefits of serving in the nursery:

  • Getting to know young families and new members
  • Showing hospitality and care to visitors
  • Exercising your gifts by showing love to children and young parents
  • Fullfilling your covenant vows to the church body and to the non-communicant children

How can you help? If you are willing to serve in some capacity in the nursery, please email Sharon at or 912-678-2812.

Please indicate if you can serve on a regular basis on a nursery team.  Let us know if you have preferences as to infants or toddlers; morning or evening services.

Please indicate if you would serve on a worship training team.

It will help us to be adequately staffed if you indicate potential conflicts that could arise due to other service commitments you have: choir, ushering, teaching Sunday School, etc.

Perhaps you want to help but cannot make a regular commitment- we need a group of people we can contact on short notice to fill in when we are short handed due to sickness or travel.  Please indicate if you would be willing to be a substitute or fill-in worker.

We also need to know of individuals who can serve in the nurseries for special events: 

  • Prayer and Word  January 5-7, 2018  Coming up soon!
  • Missions Conference  March 2-4, 2018
  • Bible Studies periodically throughout the year

If you have questions, please contact Sharon, David Lattner or Chip Bray.

May Christ be glorified as we serve in His name.