New Adult Electives Start Sunday, January 18

Take advantage of the opportunities to grow spiritually this Winter Quarter in the Education Hour which begins this Sunday (1/18//15) at 9:30 a.m. The following classes are offered:

  1. The Bible as “One” Book:  Pastor Wagner will show the unity of the whole of Scripture as the 66 books present a united message from Genesis to Revelation
  2. Psalm 119:  Pastor Beaulieu will take a look at the this Psalm and show the benefits and blessings that come from the wisdom and truth set forth in the Law of God
  3. Westminster Confession of Faith:  Gayle Bailey and Tony Gilbreth will teach this class as they explore this great summary of the doctrines of the Christian Faith
  4. Inquiry Class:  Pastor Barnes will introduce the “Doctrine of the Church” in general, and the life and ministry of Trinity Church in particular.  This class will be of special interest to those who are considering membership.
  5. College Class:  Pastor Ro Taylor will be unveiling the great mysteries of the Book of Daniel.