bible_studyBible Studies

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Ladies’ Meetings

Ladies’ luncheon on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Janet Peed’s house. Come anytime between 11:30-1:30. Food will be ready. Call Janet at 912-531-2577 for information.

Tuesday Evening Bible Study meets weekly at 7:00 pm at Gretchen Beaulieu’s house.

Wednesday Ladies’ Prayer group meets weekly at 11:45am at Peaches Barnes’ house.

Thursday Morning Bible Study meets weekly at 10:30 am in the TPC conference room.

Ladies Friday Morning Prayer Group meets every Friday at 9am in the church toddler nursery. No childcare.

Men’s Prayer Meetings

Quattlebaum: Wednesday, TPC, 7:15am

Gray:  Wednesday, TPC, 7:30pm

Scott: Friday, Daylight Donuts, 6:00am

Bailey: Friday, Dr. Bray’s Office, 7:00am

Gilbreth: Friday, TPC, 7:00am

Barnes: Friday, Pastor’s Home, 7:15am

TrinityPres2014-0027Fellowship Groups & Churchwide Meals Schedule (Visitors and Students Welcome!)

Fellowship Meals/Events for 2021:

1)     January Fellowship Meal: 2nd Sunday, January 10th [FG #1] Cancelled

2)    February Fellowship Meal: 4th Sunday, February 28th [FG #2]

3)    Spring Picnic: Saturday, April 24th [FG #3]

(no Fellowship Meals for May, June, & July)

4)    August Fellowship Meal: 3rd Sunday, August 15th [FG #4]

5)    October Fellowship Meal: 2nd Sunday, October 10th [FGs #1 & #3]

6)    December Christmas Banquet: Friday, December 10th [functions committee]