Methodology for Counseling class to begin Jan. 20, 2015

biblical-counseling-bannerTrinity Counseling is offering a class on “Methodology for Counseling” beginning on 20 January, 2015. The purpose of the class is to present “METHODS OF BIBLICAL CHANGE: A Model For Helping People Including Yourself To Become Better Disciples Of Jesus Christ.” As you can see from the title, the class isn’t just applicable to those who desire to counsel as part of an official ministry of the church, but would also be helpful for anyone involved in discipleship and mentoring as part of their Christian service. All believers counsel……..the question is, do we do it in a manner that is in concert with God’s word and are we doing it well?

Here are the Course Objectives:

  1. To provide you with a biblical foundation for using the Scriptures in dealing with your own spiritual problems and the spiritual problems of others.
  2. To demonstrate the value of using the Bible to deal with our problems over against the wisdom of the world in helping people with their problems.
  3. To familiarize you with the issues that people face and give you an accurate paradigm for evaluating them so that you can provide the necessary help.
  4. To enlarge your compassion and ability to help others who need help in making biblical change and becoming better disciples of Jesus Christ.
  5. To provide for you a procedure you can use in dealing with any counseling situation you may face in your own life or the life of someone else.
  6. To challenge your personal and spiritual development as you counsel yourself and help you to become more qualified to minister to others.

I hope we can fill our class to capacity and invite all to come be a part of this discipleship process.

The class area will be determined by how many people sign up for the course; thus, place of instruction is To Be Determined (TBD) at a later date. Class will run from 6:30 pm till 9:00 pm every Tuesday evening beginning on 20 January. No one is required to take the class for academic credit though those who might be seeking accreditation with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors will be required to complete all reading and examination/report requirements (See class syllabus).

Please call the TPC office to sign up! We hope to see you there!