Education Hour Changes for the Next Four Quarters – A Letter from Pastor Barnes

Dear Trinity Family,

I want to remind you of what the Session communicated to you by way of the Trinity Report earlier this year about the Education Hour for the next four quarters.  The article is included here for your information:

“Beginning in November (the 8th) we will have a different format for our Adult Education Hour classes.  For one year, instead of having ‘changing electives’ each quarter, we will be offering just four classes.  Each of the four Fellowship Groups will meet each Sunday as a group and take one of the four offered classes together that quarter.  Once the quarter is over the Fellowship Group will then rotate to the next class as a group.  This way, you will meet each week with the members of your Fellowship Group and get to know one another better.  The four classes to be offered for the year are: 1) The Westminster Shorter Catechism, taught by Pastor Barnes with Reid Derr assisting, 2) Evangelism According to Jesus, taught by Pastor Beaulieu with Matt Sauls assisting, 3) Growing in Christ 101, taught by Mr. Gilbreth with John Quattlebaum assisting, and 4) Worldviews (Apologetics), taught by Mr. Bailey with Mr. Kochetta assisting.  Each Fellowship Group will rotate through each of the four classes and at the end of the year we will revert to the ELECTIVE system that has become our regular practice for the past 34 years.  This one year departure should prove to be a good catalyst for relationship building and stirring one another up to love and good deeds.  The Session believes that this will help us know one another better and be an encouragement to us all.”

For your convenience I am enclosing the most recent copy of the Fellowship Group list so that you may be certain of which Group you are a part.  If you have any question please let me know.  We will let you know which FG will be taking which class very soon.

In Christ,

Pastor Barnes