Congregational Meeting Called for October 26th at 10:30 a.m. in the Gym

The Session, per the recommendation of the Building Committee, is calling for a congregational meeting of Trinity Presbyterian Church of Statesboro, Inc. on SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 26TH AT 10:30 A.M. IN THE GYM, in accord with the Book of Church Order of the Presbyterian Church in America, Chapter 25, in order to consider the following business:

“That the Session acting as the Trustees of TPC of Statesboro, Inc., in accord with BCO 25-7 be authorized to borrow funds for the purpose of completing the previously approved building project on the second floor of the gym, with the following provisions:  1) These funds not to exceed $125,000.  Pledges to the Building Fund to be given over a 24 months period (May ’14 through May ’16) were in excess of this amount.  2)  The arrangements of the loan are to be such that the present monthly loan payment is not increased.”

The recommendation may be passed, defeated, or amended per the expressed will of the congregation.

In Christ,

Roland S. Barnes, Senior Pastor




RATIONALE: If gym project is not completed concurrent with the present sanctuary project we will incur additional costs from the contract for project management.  If we borrow money against the pledges which are not expected to be completely received until May of 2016, we can begin the gym project now and avoid the additional project management costs which will be incurred if we wait to begin the construction on the gym after all of the pledged monies are received.