Below is the position description for the Church/School Musician opening at Trinity Presbyterian Church/Trinity Christian School. You can print a PDF version of the application by clicking here and then either fax, mail, or hand deliver it to the church.

Position Description

Major Areas of Ministry for Church Musician at Trinity Presbyterian Church and Trinity Christian School

It is expected that the Church Musician will be a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church, and will function within the historic Reformed tradition of worship music. Under the oversight of the Session, and under the direction of the Senior Pastor the Church Musician is expected to do the following with respect to worship services:

Primary Responsibilities

  1. provide piano accompaniment for all Sunday services and other special services as they occur; and occasional choral music
  2. recruit and rehearse appropriate choral groups for occasional services of worship and special music events.
  3. assist in new hymn discovery and introduction to the congregation; production of song files when necessary
  4. oversee other musicians at TCS and TPC for additional accompaniment, including brass, strings, and wind instrumentalists, etc.
  5. provide substitute accompanists when needed
  6. coordinate with the audio personnel for worship services
  7. teach music at Trinity Christian School and provide direction and accompaniment for school programs (see separate list of job responsibilities below)

Secondary Responsibilities

  1. supervise the maintenance of instruments, and to submit and manage appropriate budgets for instrument maintenance and the purchase and cataloging of appropriate music for choral and instrumental offerings.
  2. maintain technical skills through practice at appropriate instruments, and to participate in appropriate forms of continuing education
  3. serve as a resource person for various church events that may require musical support (VBS, hosted Meetings of Presbytery, etc.)
  4. seek to expand our music ministry in creative ways (handbells, children’s choirs, informal choirs, ad hoc musical groups, etc.).
  5. be responsible for communication of musical matters to the church, either directly or via the church secretary (i.e., bulletins, mail-outs, etc.).
  6. be available for special services (weddings, funerals, community services) when necessary.
  7. when opportunity allows, serve the broader church through the Presbytery, General Assembly, or other events.
  8. network with other church musicians in reformed and Presbyterian fellowships

This position is full-time, and no less than 40 hours per week would be normally expected, with more hours approaching Christmas and Easter, and less hours expected during the summer months. Working hours are negotiable, but at least one day off per week is expected, with an additional 1/2 to a full day per week when possible. Outside of normal working hours, church space and instruments may be used for private tutoring, details of which are to be negotiated with the Session. It is expected that the Church Musician would become a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church.

TCS Music Teacher Job Description

  1. Lead/conduct middle school and high school choir classes, teaching them the skills necessary for choral singing, and preparing choir programs (at least 2 per year). Explore possibilities of the TCS choirs performing in venues outside of TCS, including GICAA choral festivals and literary competitions. [approximately 8 hours per week, but can be more as programs approach.]
  2. Accompany music for middle and high school chapel once per week (30 minutes a week). [Approximately 1 hour per week.]
  3. Work with classes on special student-led chapel services and other special programs (i.e. kindergarten graduation). Varies -can be incorporated into class time, but will include extra rehearsal time as programs approach.
  4. Encourage participation of middle and high school singers in district and all-state Honors Choir activities when appropriate.

Total for items 1-4: 10-12 hours per week (including prep time), more around program times.