Christian Education at Trinity Presbyterian Church

We believe that Christian Education does not just start and end with Sunday School, but involves everything we do to better understand God and His will for our lives. It includes everything from daily devotional times to occasional seminars and courses we may offer. Education is not the sum total or our Christian lives, which must also know the joys of faithful prayer, hope-filled worship, and loving fellowship. Nevertheless, it is a critical part of our discipleship, for unless our understanding of God’s Word and His world increases, we will not grow in love for Him or in service to His cause. Christian Education must begin when we are infants, and then continue until we enter our heavenly rest. It is life-long and comprehensive.

We also recognize that God has given different roles and tasks to different spheres He has appointed for our good. The three basic spheres that we believe should engage in Christian Education are Family, Church, and School. These three are not independent, but are intertwined – each reinforcing and aiding the others, as three strands of one strong cord.

TrinityPres2014-0031The Family

And these words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. – Deuteronomy 6:6-7

The family is the first place where we must intentionally educate ourselves and our children. Indeed, for many decades, this has been a lost art across the church which many of us are presently rediscovering. We would divide family education into two distinct disciplines: Personal Devotions and Family Worship.

Personal Devotions

It is our hope that every professing Christian would meditate on Scripture throughout the week, and thus let the Holy Spirit apply the Gospel afresh to their daily decisions, attitudes and trials. What we won’t do, however, is tell you exactly how you must do it – when, how much, etc. But we are happy to provide you with suggested schedules, resources and devotional guides, such as can be found in our church foyer and book table. Other possibilities include the monthly periodical, Tabletalk, and the classic Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon.

TrinityPres2014-0018Family Worship

Along with personal devotions, we believe that regular family worship, preferably daily, is a critical part of the health Christian’s life. The head of each household (the father, when present) should be responsible for initiating and leading these times together. We recommend keeping them brief and simple, so that they do not become a burden. Indeed, most parents who have never tried this are surprised at how much their children enjoy these times together! What should you do? In short: pray, sing, and instruct. But you don’t have to wing it – there are many excellent guides available. Brother Pastor Barnes and Charles Davis have put together booklets to help you work through the basics of the Christian faith with your children. In addition, you can subscribe to our denomination’s monthly family worship guide, As for Me and My House, or your can purchase the book edited by our presbytery’s own Terry Johnson, The Family Worship Handbook, which many of us have found to be helpful. And of course, do not forget to use the tried and true Westminster Shorter Catechism and Children’s Catechism to train both you and your children in sound doctrine! Our own Trinity Revised Version of the Shorter Catechism is available free in the church foyer.

Church: Education Hour and Sunday School

Trinity offers a full range of Sunday School classes for children from the nursery to Senior High School. At Trinity our Adult Sunday School classes are organized around common life experience.  One of the ways in which we are encouraged to grow in our relationship with the Lord is by sharing life-experiences with brothers and sisters in Christ.   Sharing our lives together as believers is facilitated when we have many life experiences that we share in common.  Presently, there are three adult classes available: one for adults 60 years of age and above, one for adults from 50-60 years of age, and one for adults 40 years of age and younger.  Others classes will be formed as needed.  Since these classes meet weekly on Sunday mornings, close relationships can be established.  These classes study books of the Bible, Christians doctrines, books that focus on the acquisition of practical life skills as believers, etc.  From time to time all of the adult classes will meet together to study a subject of common interest. Learning and growing as believers is enhances as we pursue our relationship with Christ in the contest of Christian community.

Trinity Christian School (TCS)

Trinity Church is committed to the promotion of education from a thoroughly Christian perspective. TCS offers a classical Christian approach to education from Kindergarten through twelfth grades. More information about Trinity Christian School can be found at the school’s web site, which is linked below:

Trinity Christian School