The congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church would like to extend to you a warm welcome! Whether you are new to Statesboro or have been a long-time resident, we are glad you are here! We welcome you to come worship with us this Sunday!

One of the earnest desires that we have as a Church is to be of encouragement to others.Single people face loneliness, families face various frustrations in the rearing of children, young adults face their own peculiar challenges … all of us face trials, and all of us need to be encouraged. It is our belief that involvement in a local Church should be one of the most encouraging experiences a person can have. We experience this encouragement in several different ways …

TrinityPres2014-0003In Worship

Worshiping the living God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit is always an encouraging experience. Through prayer, hymns, psalms, spiritual songs, Scripture readings, and the teaching of the Word of God, and the observance of the sacrament, we are enabled to gain a divine perspective on life. A worshipful encounter with God is a great source of strength for meeting life’s challenges head-on.

In Education

Since man is a spiritual being and not simply a human machine, life’s challenges must be addressed from a spiritual perspective. In education we focus on spiritual principles from God’s Word that apply to every aspect of the human experience. Knowing these principles brings great encouragement in every circumstance.

TrinityPres2014-0026In Fellowship

Living in isolation leads one to believe that all of his problems are unique. Living in fellowship with others and sharing in others’ lives creates an atmosphere of encouragement. Not only do we learn that we are not alone in dealing with our problems, but in sharing with others we learn how they have successfully addressed those same problems. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate place for fellowship!

An Invitation

We invite you to visit with us! Encourage us and let us encourage you! Trinity Presbyterian Church is a congregation of believers who are walking together for the purpose of advancing the cause and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are seeking to imitate Him by considering His instruction, His life, His compassion, and His purposes! Come and join us in this exciting adventure!