Fall Group Studies! Childcare provided!

Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood: An Eleven-Week Devotional Study (Melissa Kruger)
Thursday mornings, 10am at the church beginning September 7th.

Being a mom usually means being busy. Really busy. Whether you’re zipping from your children’s piano lessons to their next ballgame or nursing a baby while comforting a toddler, life is brimming with activities.  Yet one encounter can help shape every moment: time in the Word with Jesus. In Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood, you’ll learn how to nourish your own heart, mind, and soul with the wisdom you need to become the mother you long to be.
As you spend time with God through this eleven-week Bible study, you’ll gain life-shaping insights to help you…
·         Understand and pursue your purpose as a mother
·         Live out your true priorities
·         Entrust your child to God
·         Bear the fruit of the Spirit in your everyday interactions
·         Recover from Perfect Mom Syndrome (PMS)
Each week offers four days of study geared specifically to a mother’s concerns, with the Bible passages already printed out for your convenience. The fifth day is a warm-hearted devotional reading to help you reflect on and apply the truths you’ve learned. As your relationship with God deepens through prayer and studying His Word, you’ll discover how His imprint on your heart can make a lasting impression on your children.

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Transformed: Life-Taker to Life-Giver (Susan Hunt, Karen Hodge)
Sunday mornings during the education hour (9:30 am) Sept. 24-Dec. 10 2017

Thinking Biblically, Living Covenantally. Deep in our hearts, we know our influence within each situation and relationship. Sometimes we are life-givers and sometimes life-takers. This 10-week personal or group Bible study takes us on a transformational journey. Key biblical passages, gospel-centered devotions, Scripture based prayers, and heart-penetrating questions celebrate the power of the gospel to transform God’s daughters into women who give life to their relationships.



The purpose of the Presbyterian Women’s Ministry (formerly WIC) is that every woman know Christ personally and be committed to extending His Kingdom in her life, home, church, community and throughout the world.

Opportunities for Service

 Widow Ministry
Serving the Widows in our Church and Community

Bible Study Leaders
Leading or Co-leading a Fall, Winter, or Summer Bible Study

Discipling a Christian woman in her daily life

Hosting events and/or Bible Study or Prayer Group in your Home

Womens’ Ministry Leadership Planning Team

 Mrs. Sue Rowe

Mrs. Peaches Barnes

Mrs. Janet Peed

Ms. Barbara Jackson

Mrs. Jordi Sears

Mrs. Anna Herriman

Community Ministry ~ Mrs. Beth Oldham
Wedding/Baby Shower Coordinator ~ Mrs. Laura Lightle

Savannah River Presbytery Women’s Ministry

According to its constitution, the  purpose of the Savannah River Presbytery Women’s Ministry is fourfold:

1. To provide an organization within which the women in the Churches may work together;

2. To encourage fellowship among the women in the Presbyterian Church in America in the bounds of each presbytery;

3. To inspire women in the Churches to know Christ personally and to grow in Him;

4. To call Christians to serve the Lord throughout the world.

Please be in prayer for the 2017-2019 Presbytery Women’s officers as they seek to serve in their own churches as well as to faithfully carry out the duties of their positions as unto the Lord:

President/Coordinator – Barbara Jackson – Trinity, Statesboro
Vice-President/Assistant Coordinator – Marlynn Griffin – Trinity, Statesboro
Historian – April Little – Kirk O’ the Isles, Savannah
Christian Growth – Julia Porter – Kirk O’ the Isles, Savannah
Communications Coordinator – Audrey Gray – Trinity, Statesboro
Treasurer – Mary Ann Hogan – Kirk O’ the Isles, Savannah

Please visit PCA Women’s Ministry In the Church for resources and other helpful information.