Counseling Training

We’re doing something different this year with regard to counseling training. I’ve taken the 3 foundational courses for certification as an Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) counselor and combined them into one course! Taking the most essential aspects of Introduction to Biblical Counseling, Methodology of Biblical Counseling, and Family Systems, the new course meets the guidelines for certification with ACBC.

In an attempt to minimize impact on family life and in considerations of job restrictions, this summer we will hold our training on 4 Saturdays, 2 in June (1 and 15 June 2019) and 2 in July (13 and 27 July 2019). The training will be an all-day event on the days it’s scheduled and it will be challenging! As we’ve said before, you do not have to be seeking certification to participate in this training: Anyone who is or wants to be involved in Bible based discipleship of new or growing believers would profit immensely from this training – campus ministers, discipleship group leaders, elders, deacons, lay ministers, pastors – all would be better equipped to minister God’s word to themselves and other people through this training!

Listed below are some of the topics we’ll cover:

1. Why My Church Should Counsel
2. Theology of Biblical Counseling
Critical Reflection on Various Theories
3. Survey of Counseling Theories
4. What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical

Basics part 2
5. Doctrine of Spiritual Growth
6. Idolatry and Heart Change

Key Elements of Biblical Counseling
7. Data Gathering
8. Involvement
9. Interpreting Data Gathered
10. Giving Hope
11. Providing Instruction
12. Giving Homework

Marital Relationships
13. God’s Purpose in Marriage
14. Biblical Role of a Husband
15. Biblical Role of a Wife
16. From Forgiven to Forgiving
17. Conflict Resolution
18. Biblical Principles of Sexual Intimacy
19. Principles of God Honoring Communication
20. Honoring Christ with an Ungodly Spouse

Parent/Child Relationships
21. Do Not Provoke/Disciple
22. Instruction and Discipline
Frequent Issues in Counseling
23. People Pleasing
24. Pride
25. Fear/Worry
26. Anger
27. Guilt and Repentance
28. Depression
29. Trials and Suffering
30. Sexual Sin and Habitual Sin

You can sign up for the training at the Trinity Presbyterian Church web site (and on Facebook); cost is minimal and is primarily used to cover the cost of class room materials. I hope you will consider being a part of this training this summer!

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