Brief Historical Account of
Trinity Presbyterian Church

Williams Center, Georgia Southern University

Williams Center, Georgia Southern University

1980 Fall –Bible study begins as a precursor to the Satesboro PCA Mission

January 1981 –Central Georgia Presbytery issues a call to Rev. Roland S. Barnes to be the organizing pastor of the Statesboro PCA Mission

April 19, 1981 –Pastor Barnes leads the first worship service as Organizing Pastor of the Mission; six couples, eight children, and a couple of college students; the sermon was from Matthew 16:18 and Isaiah 9:6-7 “Christ Our King” From a small beginning of 20 people Trinity Presbyterian Church has added almost 600 people to its roll (of course many have moved on to other places) and 177 of that 600 have been added by profession of faith (adults, covenant children, and reaffirmation of faith).

Evening services are often held at the home of Bob and Grace Counts

A men’s prayer meeting was held at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesdays at the Hickman’s

May 24, 1981 a commission from Central Georgia Presbytery installs Pastor Barnes as the organizing pastor of the Statesboro PCA Mission

May 31, 1981 the first administration of the sacrament of baptism is administered to Laurel Bailey by Pastor Barnes and to Jennifer Barnes by Dr. Jay E. Adams

Time Saver, Grove Lakes

Time Saver, Grove Lakes

October 4, 1981 the Statesboro PCA Mission moves to the Time Saver in Grove Lakes, east of Statesboro. The Mission is now called “Trinity Presbyterian Church” The new facility was dedicated on October 18, 1984

October 31, 1981 the first Reformation Day Celebration was held by showing a movie on the life of Martin Luther

November 25, 1981 the first Thanksgiving Service was held

December 7, 1981 the first Inquiry Class was held

January 10, 1982 the first Adult Education Hour Class was held

February 26, 1982 the first Missions Conference Speaker was Don Williams

Summer of 1982 TPC holds its first Vacation Bible School

November 1982 TPC begins a College Bible Study at the home of the Martins


Church Building on Zetterower and Savannah Avenues; Dr. and Mrs Emory Smith

December 1983 the Mission moves to the church building on the corner of Savannah and Zetterower Avenues

As of December 31, 1983 TPC had 71 members (communicants & noncommunicants) on its roll

February 19, 1984 the mission is organized as Trinity Presbyterian Church of Statesboro with two ruling elders: Mr. Charles Davis and Mr. Randy Hickman; the congregation then issued a call to Rev. Roland S. Barnes to be their pastor

February 22, 1984 the Session of TPC addresses it first discipline case

February 22, 1984 the Session receives an offer of land from Mr. Gates Peed

March 14, 1984 the Session adopts a budget of $55,000

March 22, 1984 the first CFMs [Congregational Fellowship Meetings] begin

May 4, 1984 the Session has an informational meeting with Mrs. Helen Davis about the establishment of a Christian School. Mrs. Davis volunteered to move to Statesboro and teach at Trinity, without pay, to help establish a Christian school at Trinity Presbyterian Church

July 4, 1984 a motion passed to constitute a provisional school board under the authority and jurisdiction of the Session…

July 11, 1984 the first Sunday School class for High School students was taught by John Quattlebaum

July 11, 1984 the Session of TPC decides not to receive any more funding from Central Georgia Presbytery and TPC is now self-supporting


Some of the first students at TCS

September 1984 –Trinity Christian School is established with eight students

Fall 1985 –the Statesboro chapter of the Christian Action Council is established. Later it becomes the Statesboro Crisis Pregnancy Center

August 2, 1986 the TPC Building Fund is established

May 3, 1987 Mike Peed, John Marshall, Gayle Bailey and Paul McDonald are elected as ruling elders, and David Marshall, Rob Mayo, John Quattlebaum, Vinny Kochetta, and Peter Martin are elected as deacons

August 24, 1988 plans are being made for a RUF ministry at Georgia Southern College

October 2, 1988 At a congregational meeting the decision is made to begin with building plans

Reformed University Fellowship is established at Georgia Southern University; Rev. Craig Higgins is called as the Campus Minister and is ordained and installed on August 6, 1989

Fall 1989 Campus Outreach Augusta sends staff to labor on the GSU campus

May 16, 1990 the Session endorses the first candidate for the Gospel Ministry, Mr. Joseph Martin (Marty) Fields


Construction of church building on East Main Street (Highway 24)

November 18, 1990 approved to pursue a loan of up to $275,000 for construction

December of 1991 TPC and TCS move into its newly constructed facility on East Main Street/Highway 24

January 12, 1992 at 3:00 p.m. the building is dedicated with Dr. Douglas Kelly preaching

August 1992 Mr. Mike McKenna is hired as the Headmaster of Trinity Christian School

July 1993 TPC hosts a meeting of Central Georgia Presbytery

January 24, 1993 Vinny Kochetta is elected to the office of elder and Pat Calhoun, David Channell, and Chip Bray are elected to the office of deacon

February 13, 1994 the congregation approves the plan to build Reformation Hall

August 8, 1994 Craig Higgins and family leave for Rye, NY to begin a church planting ministry in that community

January 18, 1995 Daryl Madi begins his work as the RUF intern at GSU

January 18, 1995 the Session establishes five weekly men’s prayer meetings

February 19, 1995 a Day of Prayer and Fasting is held

April 7, 1995 the Tenth Anniversary of Trinity Christian School is celebrated with Dr. Jay Adams speaking

September 10, 1995 the David Wilson’s are received as members

April 7, 1996 the ground-breaking ceremony is held for Reformation Hall

December 1, 1996 the Session votes to consider the calling of an Associate Pastor

March 9, 1997 TPC begins two morning worship services

March 19, 1997 Mr. Damon Scharff begins leading the Youth Group

April 16, 1997 a call is issued to Mr. Chris Hutchinson to be the Associate Pastor at TPC

April 19, 1998 Mr. John Quattlebaum is elected as an elder, and Travis Grubbs, John Godbee, and Wade Murray are elected to the office of deacon

July 1997 the first MTW-Impact Trip is taken to San Pablo Oztotepec, Mexico; July 1998 the second trip is taken to Mexicon; July 1999 a trip is taken to Ecuador where Phil and Shelby Mullinax are serving as MTW-Impact Missionaries; In July 2000, 2001, and 2002 trips are taken to Cajamarca, Peru

Summer of 1999 a ministry to Hispanics is begun; English Language Classes are taught and a home Bible study is taught

May 2, 1999 Matt Sauls is hired as a Summer Youth Leader under the supervision of Rev. David Wilson


Construction of Westminster Hall

April 30, 2000 the congregation approves a plan to build Westminster Hall

August 2000 Mr. David Lattner is hired as the Headmaster of Trinity Christian School

Fall of 2001 Westminster Hall is dedicated

March 27, 2002 TPC commits support to the efforts of the Peru Mission

Spring and Summer 2002 Covenant Hall is renovated and new offices are established for TPC

June 2, 2002 Tony Gilbreth and Pat Calhoun are elected as elders, and Keith Kibler, David Dowdell, and Tray Miller are elected as deacons

September 18, 2002 the Session gave its endorsement to Marc Harrington to become a candidate for the Gospel Ministry of Central Georgia Presbytery

August 2003 Phil Mullinax transitions to a full-time position at TCS

January 2004 Matt Sauls is hired as the Director of Youth Ministries

(2005-2006 updates)

Former members who are now
serving Christ in various ministries

Tim Phillips, ordained minister in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Marty Fields, ordained minister, now serving in Mississippi as a chaplain in the Armed Services.

Trey Holloway, Ph.D. Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA

Marc Harrington, ordained minister, Associate Pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church, Powder Springs, GA

John Blancato, Sally Chipman, Allyson Ogle, ELI – China

Phil Mullinax, Teacher/Athletic Director at Trinity Christian School; Director of Hispanic Ministries, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Statesboro, GA

Troy Wilson, PCA Church planter in California

Carson Pittman, PCA pastor pursuing church planting

Lydia Counts Sweet, Youth Ministry, with her husband Robbie, MTW, Scotland

People Associated With TPC
who are now serving in various ministries

Steve and Marie Lindenmeyer, CO Thailand

Clint and Peggy Watson, CO Perimeter Church, Atlanta

Neal Gooch, Pastor in South Africa

Pete Ketterman, CO South Africa

Tom and Molly Mullis

Matt Ballard, PCA Pastor in Tennessee

Men who were ordained to the
Gospel Ministry at TPC

Craig Higgins, now the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Rye, NY

David Wilson, RUF Minister at GSU, Statesboro, GA

Chris Hutchinson, Associate Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Statesboro, GA

Ro Taylor, RUF, Georgia Southern University

Sammy Rhodes, RUF, University of South Carolina

Robert Wagner, Associate Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Statesboro, GA

Former members who are now serving
as officers in the church

David Vial, Deacon in the PCA in Northern Alabama

Mike Peed, served as an elder at the Vineville Presbyterian Church, Macon, GA

Bill Rountree, serves as a deacon at the Dayspring Presbyterian Church, Forsyth, GA

Special Speakers

Dr. Jay Adams

Dr. Henry Krabbendam

Rev. Gary DeMar

Dr. John Gerstner

Dr. Douglas Kelly

Rev. Al Baker

Dr. Jim Baird

Rev. Harry Reeder

Rev. Hal Farnsworth

Rev. Sid Anderson

Dr. John Grauley

Rev. John Oliver

Rev. Gordon Reed

Rev. Oliver Claasen

Rev. Joe Novenson

Rev. Terry Johnson

Dr. Morton Smith

Dr. Richard Watson

Sermon Series by Pastor Barnes

The New Testament

Matthew:  138 sermons

Mark: in process 48 sermons as of 07-23-06

Luke:  26 sermons

John:  91 sermons

Acts:  93 sermons

Romans:  16 sermons

Galatian:  21 sermons

Colossians:  31 sermons

First Thessalonians:  22 sermons

Second Thessalonians:  11 sermons

First Timothy:  37 sermons

Titus: 32 sermons

I John: 19 sermons

II John:  4 sermons

III John: 4 sermons

Jude:  5 sermons

Revelation 1-3:  Letters to the Churches; 10 sermons

The Old Testament

Genesis:  85 sermons

Exodus: 100 sermons

Leviticus:  55 sermons


Joshua:  33 sermons

1 Samuel

2 Samuel

Ezra:  22 sermons

Psalms:  35 sermons

Psalm 23:  7 sermons

Proverbs:  25 sermons

Nahum:  4 sermons

Jonah:  8 sermons

Malachi:  18 sermons

Various Series

The Nature And Attributes of God:  12 sermons

The Lord’s Prayer:  8 sermons

The Ten Commandments: 21 sermons

The Apostles’ Creed:  18 sermons

The Names of the People of God:  16 sermons

The Names of Jesus:  11 sermons

The Gifts of the  Spirit:  9 sermons

Temptation:  10 sermons

The Holy Spirit:  14 sermons

Numerous Miscellaneous

Most of the above history is contained in Summary of Significant Events 1980 – 2004: Twentieth Anniversary Celebration, Trinity Presbyterian Church